graham wyvill

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Ready to Rock?


What! No Frets?


I assembled this bass guitar from various parts and sprayed it Fiesta Red. I did this to remind me of the first Fender that I bought in 1967 for £75. It was a secondhand Fender Precision and was peculiar in that it had a Telecaster headstock but still had the “Precision” logo (see photo below).

Not being able to afford 2 guitars I part exchanged it around 1970 for a Fender Jazz Bass.when that particular bass sound became the trend.

Of course, in hindsight I wish I had never parted with it!


This is the early Fender Precision with a Telecaster headstock.

Pictured with me is the very talented Chris Black who went on to be a long-serving member of Mike Pender’s Searchers.


New Years Eve 1964 at The Silver Blades Ice Rink in Birmingham, supporting Herman’s Hermits.

Wow! I’d got a massive WEM bass stack and a Rosetti Bass 9 which cost 34 guineas borrowed from my Dad. Cool.