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The Billy Fury Story


Featuring Colin gold & The Original Furys Tornados


Halfway To Paradise - The Billy Fury Story - a spectacular two hour show telling the story of BILLY FURY, Britain's legendary Rock n Roller, featuring the ORIGINAL MEMBERS of his band FURYS TORNADOS and the golden voice of COLIN GOLD.

The band toured extensively with billy throughout the 70s, until his untimely death in 1983. The show includes giant screen footage of the band live onstage with Billy. Colin Gold's portrayal of Billy brings his music to life once more.


Vocals / Colin Gold

Drums, Vocals / John Raynor

Bass, Double Bass, Vocals / Graham Wyvill

Guitar, Vocals / Chris Raynor

Piano, Keyboard, Vocals / Charlie Elston


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Halfway To Paradise

by The Billy Fury Story

Billy Fury was Britain's own Elvis.With looks like James Dean -he was Sex on legs....& the girls went wild for him!
Billy's own band, the all original FURYS TORNADOS, re-play live his 29 timeless hits, Last Night Was Made For Love, Wondrous Place, I Will,Jealousy, Halfway To Paradise & many more. With Billy being there too on giant movie screen,
the atmosphere is both electric & emotional.

With the sensational Colin Gold as Fury."A voice blessed by heaven" - Brian Matthew Introduced onscreen by Lisa Voice [Billy's long time partner.
"Rock 'n' Roll Heaven - A great 60's night out!" -The Stage.